I am extremely excited to be joining the Carolina Prep Family! I recently graduated from Clemson University last year in May. During and prior to my time there, I have been involved with leading physical education for ages 2-13. Also during my time at Clemson University, I was fortunate to be apart of the Men’s Track and Field Team as a High Jumper. My experience in this program was one of the most exciting times of my life. I learned about how it is extremely important for the body to be stretched before performing any type of physical activity. For this reason, I plan on focusing on the flexibility and stretching of the muscles. I will also incorporate a basic understanding for various sports.

This year Physical Education will be fun and enjoyable for your child. But above all, I desire to instill in each one of my students a love for physical activity and healthy living. While various sports will be taught, I will be spending the first nine weeks laying the foundation and groundwork for each sport. During this time, we will be focusing on a different developmental skill such as body and spatial awareness, balance and flexibility, movement patterns, as well as catching, throwing etc. Because of my experiences in track and field, I will incorporate proper running and jumping form as well as safe and consistent techniques. These will be assessed and taught through various games and activities. Once the foundation is laid, the rest of the school year will be spent teaching various sports and their skills. Above all I truly desire to instill a sense of safety, awareness, and sportsmanship in each of my students.

I will be encouraging physical activity, proper behavior, and healthy living. We will have classroom competitions as well as other ways to log physical activity as the school year progresses.

Again thank you for welcoming me into the Carolina Prep Family! If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me. My email is

Torian Ware BS

Physical Education